What is 1C Hosting? Why is 1C Hosting better? Why us Demo access

1C hosting from $6.67 USD/month

Will host your 1C:Enterprise database on our server for remote work
Guaranteed low price
24/7 technical support
Work in 1C at maximum speed
Guaranteed stable connection

What is this?

Today, it is relevant to transition to cloud services for remote work, branch unification, and other tasks, which can be accomplished through hosting.

We offer placement of 1C on our remote server using your own licenses, which helps to reduce the costs of server hardware and its maintenance.

  • Online access to 1C 24/7
  • 99.74% service availability
  • Daily database archiving
  • Data export at any time

Why is 1C Hosting better?

Benefits for Managers
Database Integrity
Easy Onboarding of New Employees
Save up to 60% on Purchase and Maintenance of Your Own Server
Benefits for Accountants
Access to 1C Online
1C Database Recovery
Free Consultation and Technical Support 24/7
Always Up-to-date Versions of 1C Software

Why order from us?

We strive to provide our clients with excellent service, flexibility, and reliability.

Personal Manager

Will help with any questions related to working with the cloud service.

Fast Data Transfer

Our team of professionals will quickly and reliably transfer your data to the server within 30 minutes.

New Configurations

We can perform the transition to a new 1C configuration without data loss.

Software Updates

We provide you with the ability to use the latest features and software updates.

For over 5 years we have been successfully providing 1C hosting for any tasks, combining affordable prices and high-quality services. Join the number of satisfied customers and see the benefits of our service, by getting 30 days of free trial!

One of the most secure and high-performance servers in Kazakhstan

Our cloud hosting services for hosting your 1C licenses offer high reliability, excellent data protection, and outstanding performance, thanks to the expertise of our team and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Data protection with AES-256 encryption
High-performance SSD drives
Tier II certification
DDoS protection and monitoring

Steps to Transition to Hosting

Transferring your 1C licenses to our server takes place in several steps:
Transfer of Registration Data
In the first step, you provide us with your 1C license data (registration numbers, license pin codes). We guarantee to keep them in complete security and confidentiality, eliminating any possibility of leakage.
1C is Ready for Use
Your 1C becomes fully ready for use in online mode. Now you can work with the 1C program from any device.
Transfer of Database
We carry out the transfer of the database to the server, ensuring the complete preservation of information and the correct functioning of the products.
Users 1
Disk - up to 5 gb
$6.64 /month
Users 5
Disk - up to 25 gb
$19.98 /month
Users 10
Disk - up to 25 gb
$37.76 /month
In the first month:
Price $0
By submitting the application, you consent to the collection, processing of personal data
After the first month of usage, which we provide for free, you have the opportunity to select a
that best suits your needs.
Company RuSoft
Turnkey business automation
In 2023, we improved and expanded our 1C cloud hosting services, adding new features and increasing performance. We updated our support system for quicker responses, ensuring reliable operation of 1C in the cloud.
Working across the entire CIS

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What do I need to do to start using 1C?
To start working with 1C on our hosting, you need to order the service, provide us with your 1C registration data, and wait for it to be transferred to our server
How quickly can I start using the 1C hosting after ordering the service?
After ordering the service and providing the necessary data of your 1C license, we will begin the process of transferring the database to the server. This process is carried out with a guarantee of the safety and security of your data. After successful transfer, your 1C will be fully ready for use in online mode. The entire process can take a bit of time, but usually it is completed within 30 minutes, after which you can start using the 1C system from any device.
What is included in the cost of your 1C hosting?
The cost of 1C hosting includes: Administration and server support, 1C software updates, security and data protection, technical support for users. At the same time, the cost of a license for 1C software is paid separately.
How are software updates performed?
Updates to 1C software products occur automatically. Our technical support team keeps track of all updates released by 1C and installs them on the servers.

1C Hosting is a simple and reliable way to manage your business in the cloud. Renting a 1C server allows you to save on infrastructure and focus on developing your business. 1C cloud is a convenient and reliable solution for remote access to your data. Renting 1C in the cloud allows you to easily manage your business processes from anywhere in the world.

Our 1C hosting provides high speed and 100% service availability, as well as daily backup of your data for safety. Optimize your business with our 1C hosting and enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working in the cloud.